UX/UI Design



Due to the increase in electric car charging, the municipality of Amsterdam wished to create more charging capability without building extra public charging poles. Space is the solution to this problem, creating more social charging with your neighbour.


My role:

User research, wireframing, design, prototyping

TheĀ application

Space was constructed out of the word parking ‘space’, this is where it got it’s planet visual metaphor from. Users can see their car charge, see whom in their neighbourhood is in need of a spot (through their personal galaxy), make light conversation & eventually swap car spaces. Users can simultaneously get to know their neighbours, not overstay their welcome on a parking spot & be more environmentally aware.


TheĀ process

‘Space’ was created as an assignment for the course ‘Human Computer Interaction’ & ‘Seductive Interface Design’ – it uses microinteractions according to Dan Saffer & seductive principles from Steven P. Anderson. It’s also prototyped in Atomic.io

IMG_20160509_144026 (1)