HvA Intranet


The private network of the HvA is getting a redesign. This means that the backend all 25,000 students need with their studies needs to be continuous yet befitting to everyone’s needs. How do you optimize their learning environment for them?


My role:

User research, benchmarking analysis, usability testing, design

The results

This assignment was commissioned through the HvA themselves and realized with the second year course ‘Evidence Based Design’. A lot of user research, sketching, an analysis of other online school environments, design & iterations later, this design was presented to the managers of the project, running back in 2015. Over the summer vacation, when work was being done on the current intranet, it was noticeable that work from this course had been implemented in the system everyone uses now.


The process

Every study department of the University of Applied Sciences has a slightly different intranet, the one for CMD was severely lacking and research showed that most students didn’t bother to use the online environment at all. This due to lacking navigation, no core focus, lots of information unrelated to studying & no way of personalisation. This new design was praised for it’s simple nuances to help the student (focus on deadlines, deliverables, where to find information) & getting rid of clutter.